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Kani Powder Gonbad co.
Kani Powder Gonbad co.
::  Kanipowder Gonbad co, with over 15 years of experience in producing minerals , is proud to be the supplier of domestic and neighboring countries need .one of the objectives of this company is to offer high quality micronized and super-micronized minerals (with dimensions of less than 5 micron) at reasonable price , and easy availability for customer and finally to the satisfaction of customer and target market.
Kani Powder Gonbad co.
::  Target market of this company includes drilling industries of oil and gas wells and other industries including pain making , porcelain , ceramic , electrode , glaze , glass , paper , brake-band lining , textile , adhesives and resin , isolation , granule , livestock and poultry and aquatics foods , and chemical industries. countinued ...
Golestan province excellent industrial & mineral unit in 2004
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