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Kani Powder Gonbad co.
Kani Powder Gonbad co.
::  Kanipowder Gonbad co, with over 15 years of experience in producing minerals , is proud to be the supplier of domestic and neighboring countries need .one of the objectives of this company is to offer high quality micronized and super-micronized minerals (with dimensions of less than 5 micron) at reasonable price , and easy availability for customer and finally to the satisfaction of customer and target market.
Kani Powder Gonbad co.
::  Target market of this company includes drilling industries of oil and gas wells and other industries including pain making , porcelain , ceramic , electrode , glaze , glass , paper , brake-band lining , textile , adhesives and resin , isolation , granule , livestock and poultry and aquatics foods , and chemical industries.
Kani Powder Gonbad co.
::  One of the outstanding and exclusive specifications of kanipowder co, is that the producing unit of this company on the way of entering common wealth countries market of central Asia including Turkmenistan , Kazakhstan , Uzbekistan , … which distinguishes position of this company compared to other producers of mineral powders due to export of products.
Kani Powder Gonbad co. - export to central Asia
:: Among the products of this company we can point out to drilling barite and bentonite according to A.P.I and O.C.M.A standards which are offered under the supervision of laboratory unit to drilling companies in oil and gas industries of Iran and Asia countries.
:: Other products of this company include crystal calcium carbonate , crystal and industrial white barite , white and industrial talc , zeolite , and other micronized and supper-micronized mineral powders quality of which is continuously controlled by research and development laboratory of this company.
Golestan province excellent industrial & mineral unit in 2004
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